M-GGR/01 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Fostering the skills of spatial analysis so that students gain an understanding of the importance of scale and can evaluate and interpret the significance of spatial variation. Enhancing student’ comprehension dinamics, and the implications of this for people’s livelihoods, their use of the Earth, and environmental change. Cultivating global awareness in students and exposing them views so they are prepared and equipped to partecipate in an increasingly interconnected world. Educating students about the advantages and limitations of tools such as GIS and GPS in the acquisition and use of geographic information.

Detailed Course Content

Key concepts of Geography: Nature, Culture, Place, Space, Spatial Diffusion, Spatial Interaction and Globalization, Territory, Cartographic Scale, Geographic Scale. Geographical Tools: Maps, Remote Sensing, Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information System (GIS).

Cultural Geography and Globalization; Population and Migration; Geographies of Language; Geographies of Identity: Race, Ethnicity and Religion; Political Geographies; Urban Geographies; Geographies of Development; Changing Geographies of Industry and Services; Agricoltural Geographies; Challenges.

Geography of Tourism: Cultural Heritage, Territoriality and Identity, Authenticity, Art, Traditions, Urban, Rural and Cultural Routes.

Textbook Information

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