4 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Through the study of the English language, the course aims at providing students with the basic knowledge to develop methods of interpretation and comprehension of texts belonging to the psychological field.

Detailed Course Content

Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Workplace stressors, Physiological Psychology, Friedman and Rosenman: Type A and heart disease, Psychoanalysis, Freud, Methods used in the Psychodynamic Approach, Problem Columns, Shyness, Human Emotions, Metaphors, Idioms, Semantic change.

Students will be able to:

-interpret and understand socio-psycho-pedagogical texts;

-recognise and learn the most recurrent elements of scientific lexicon;

- identify syntax and grammatical structures;

- find some information in texts ;

- sum up (written and oral) information found in texts.


Entry level: B1; Achievement level: B1+

Textbook Information

Grammar: -M. Swan, C. Walter, D. Bertocchi, The Good Grammar Book for Italian Students, Oxford U.P., 2015 (only for reference);
– Handouts on Language Skills.

Monographic course:
S. Porro, English for Psychological Studies, Celid 2009 (pp. 43-67) + handouts (about 20 pp.)

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