M-PSI/02 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

To define the neural basis of superior nervous functions.

Study of mechanisms that govern cognitive and emotional processes.

To analyze the role of genetic and environmental influences on development of psychic functions.

Detailed Course Content

1. Brain and mind: historical aspects

2. Cognitive processes and neural activity.

3. Memory and learning

4. Attentional processes

5. Sleep and dream

6. Hypnosis.

7. Language.

8. Gnosis and praxis

9. Executive functions.

10. Intelligence.

11 Emotional processes, Emotions and autonomic responses. Emotions and stress. Emotions and behavior.

12. Anxiety and aggression.

13. The action and its motivations.

14. Sexual behavior.

Textbook Information

1. FONDAMENTI DI PSICOLOGIA FISIOLOGICA, di Neil R. Carlson, R. Bellucci, Editore: PICCIN. Anno 2003

2. PSICOFISIOLOGIA. Dalla genetica comportamentale alle attività cognitive. A cura di Stegagno Luciano. Editore: ZANICHELLI. Anno 2009

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