L-LIN/21 - 6 CFU - Annual Tuition

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Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the student will

1) understand and get ability to analyze some aspects of linguistic in Russian language;

2) gain knowledge of some Russian idiomatic expressions and the relevant translation strategies; gain comprehension and communication skills discerning and using Russian idioms in different texts and media in the original language;

3) will gain knowledge of worlds and expressions of communication in both formal and informal language in everyday life; will develop the communication skills, enrich the vocabulary and accuracy in selecting appropriate expressions in specific context.

Will develop communication skills and become independent in conversations and speeches, applying the linguistic skills gained during the course.

Detailed Course Content

1 Russian idioms and idiomatic expressions

1.а. Фразеологизмы русского языка (Russian phraseology expressions)

1.b. Перевод (Тranslation)


2 Linguistic means and figure of speech in different communicative intentions in everyday life language.

Textbook Information

- Русский язык, Москва, Academia, 2004 (pp. indicate dal docente).

- Современная русская идиоматика, Е.Е.Минакова, Русский язык. Курсы, Москва, 2005.

- Appunti e slides in russo forniti durante le lezioni.

- Г.И. Володина, Как об этом сказать?, Русский язык. Курсы, 2008.

- Эмоции и мнения. Выражение чувств в русском языке, Русский язык. Курсы, 2009.

- А.А. Акишина, Т.Е. Акишина, Грамматика чувств, Русский язык. Курсы, 2010.

- А.А. Акишина, Хироко Кано, Словарь русских жестов и мимики, Русский язык. Курсы, 2010.

- Намедни.Наша эра.1961-1962. Леонид Парфенов, - М.: КоЛибри, 2010.

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