GEO/03 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: catalano@unict.it
Office: Dipartimento Scienze Biologiche Geologiche e Naturali - Sezione di Scienze della Terra, Corso Italia 55 Catania
Phone: 095 7195714
Office Hours: Martedì 12-13, Mercoledì 12-13, previo invio di richiesta all'indirizzo catalano@unict.it. Allo stesso indirizzo gli studenti possono chiedere incontri al di fuori dell'orario di ricevimento che potranno svolgersi anche in forma online

Learning Objectives

• provide general knowledge on control factors of geographic features at a global scale; • develop basic skills for the interpretation of the regional geographical features and their connection with the endogenous and exogenous dynamics of Planet Earth; • mature autonomous capacity to recognize the effects of the processes that have been active in a particular region and their role on the environmental equilibrium and their changes over time.

Detailed Course Content

Planet Earth and its fundamental characteristics; structure of the Lithosphere; geological provinces; the Earth's crust and the Moho; Isostasy; endogenous dynamics and vertical and tangential motions of the crust

Plate tectonics; plate boundaries and geological processes; divergent margins; ocean spreading; rift; convergent margins; subduction zones: volcanism and seismicity; collision zones and mountain ranges; Plate tectonics and the rock cycle.

Basics on the exogenous dynamics; The weathering; biostasy and resistasy; the soil; slope stability; exhumation.

• Climate changes: evidence from the past, the oxygen isotope curve and eustatic curve; climate changes and orbital parameters.

• The magmatic processes; magmatism and plate tectonics; the different types of volcano; the different types of volcanic activity; examples from Italian volcanoes; relationships between shape of edifices and style of volcanic activity; notes on the volcanic risk.

• Earthquakes and faults; intensity and magnitude and their significance; relations with the co-seismic fault motion; global seismicity.

• Basics on river dynamics and flood risk.

• Tutorials: use and interpretation of topographic maps.

Textbook Information

Lupia Palmieri & Maurizio Parotto "Il Globo Terrestre e la sua evoluzione" Ed. Zanichelli

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