M-PED/03 - 8 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course is directed to the knowledge of the concept of disability and of inclusive education of students with disabilities. The student will know the difference between deficit and disability, the logic of good practices and methodological lines to set up a project of life from the inclusive perspective. He/she will know the main classification systems promoted by WHO for the construction of a project of life in relation to the original characteristics of the disabled person and of the belonging context

Detailed Course Content

- Theories of the game

- The game in the first two years of life

- The game as exploratory tool

- Symbolic play

- Play fantasy

- Play with rules

- Gender differences in games

- The evolution of the toy

- The violence in the game

- The psychomotor game

- A historical excursus on psychomotricity

- The illusive body

- Sport as an educational agent

- Methods and techniques to communicate with the corporeality

- Educating through the senses

- The body expressivity in the East

Textbook Information

Coco Marinella., Perciavalle Valentina. (2009). Elementi di tecnica e didattica delle attività motorie e sportive. CATANIA: Cavallotto Edizioni, p. 1-78

Coco Marinella, Di Corrado Donatella., Perciavalle Valentina. (2010). Metodologie didattiche delle attività motorie. CATANIA: Cavallotto Edizioni, p. 1-118

Coco Marinella., Perciavalle Valentina. (2013). I volti del corpo. CATANIA: Cavallotto Edizioni, p. 1-344.

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