9 CFU - 2° Semester

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Detailed Course Content

Presentations - Making Appointments on the phone-Exchanging information- job applications -job offers -making contact - Dealing with matters concerning business and enterprise in general- meaning of the specialist language - general organization of a company - marketing of products-how to make contacts- Documents relating to orders- certification of the quality of goods - trade transport - the rules - the bank- deals- Business letters in general : lay-out and elements Letters of supply and demand of goods and services- Enquires and replies - letter of complaint - the covering letter + CV curriculum vitae - the job interview.

Grammar: general notions about grammar – Elements of basic grammar (sentence structure, use of pronouns, verbs, etc) – Elements of contrastive grammar- Theory and practice for translating from Italian into French, from French into Italian and for direct production in French (level B1/B2).

Civilisation: Le travail, la protection sociale, loisirs et modes de vie, la presse, l'économie et les institutions

Textbook Information

Text 1 : Berthet – B. Tauzin, Affaires à suivre, Hachette, Paris, 2002.

Text 2 : F. Ponzi - J. Greco, Commerce Express, Edizioni LANG.

Text 3 : E. De Gennaro, La grammaire par étapes, Il Capitello.

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