M-GGR/01 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Modulo B (CFU 3)

The course is aimed at the acquisition of conceptual, epistemological and educational nodes related to the teaching of Geography. as well as the acquisition of fundamental practical skills, for example: consulting the basic geographical maps, processing data statistics, interpreting landscapes observed in reality or in other iconographic documentation, how to develop a curriculum and design teaching activities, how to choose a textbook, develop and enhance the specific lexicon, set up field lessons, and evaluate learning processes.


Modulo A (CFU 3)

Moreover, the course aims to promote spatial analysis skills in order to be able to evaluate and interpret the meaning of spatial differences and to improve the understanding of the links between historical-cultural, social and cultural dynamics.

Course Structure

The course will take place through traditional classroom lectures, in which will be used power point prepared by the lecturer, projection of documentaries, seminars and educational excursions.

Detailed Course Content

Modulo A (CFU 3)

Regional geography themes, analysis of the regional "fractures" of the Mediterranean geopolitical System and understanding of the differences of social, cultural, demographic and economic elements. Sicilian landscape: the evolution of the territory and the change in the landscape. Literary sources as a tool for geography teaching: description of Sicily through tales, essays and news events.


Modulo B (CFU 3)

General, theoretical and practical teaching themes: methods, tools, spaces, verifications, evaluation of geographical teaching. Reading and interpretation of maps, reading and interpretation of data and statistics, research laboratories through cooperative learning.

Textbook Information

Module A (CFU 3)


Module B (CFU 3)


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