BIO/09 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course aims to provide the student with an adequate understanding of the basic functioning mechanisms of the digestive system in physiological conditions and of the homeostatic mechanisms that allow to regulate and adapt the activity of the digestive system to the demands of the environment. In addition, the control mechanisms of food and water homeostasis, metabolism and nutritional needs in physiological and pathological conditions and psychophysiological mechanisms related to eating behavior will be deepened also in relation to cognitive and emotional interactions between the subject and the environment.

Textbook Information

E. Carbone, F.Cicirata, G. Aicardi – FISIOLOGIA: Dalle molecole ai sistemi integrati - EdiSES


F. Evangelisti, P. Restani – PRODOTTI DIETETICI – Piccin

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