GEO/04 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course contents are essential for the achievement of a Degree in Geology. Its complete learning will allow the correct reading of any aspect of the physical landscape linked to the endogenous and exogenous dynamics.

The course aims to provide an adequate knowledge and understanding of the geomorphological processes that have occurred and / or are in progress worldwide, according to the different scales and to the geological and climatic characteristics. The achievement of this objective is built through a series of information tools allowing the definition of the variations of the "base level" related to tectonic, climatic and paleoclimatic processes.

Course Structure

The course will be held through 42 hours of lectures, laboratory and practical ground exercises (6 CFU)

Part of the frontal hours are carried out on the ground.

If the class will be carried out in a mixed or remote way, the necessary changes may be introduced with respect to what was previously stated, in order to respect the program reported in the syllabus

Detailed Course Content

Fundamental principles of Geomorphology; Relations between climate and morphology; The smoothing surfaces and the erosion cycle; Meteoric degradation; Karst process; Structural morphology; Slope modeling; Erosion by surface waters; River morphology; Features and problem of the hydrographic network; Glacial morphology; Karst morphology; Coastal morphology; Volcanic morphology; The landscapes. Concept of geomorphological hazard. Reading methods; Reading and interpretation of topographic and geomorphological maps

Exercises are planned.

Textbook Information

1) CASTIGLIONI G.B.- Geomorfologia. UTET, Torino, 1979.

2) PANIZZA M.- Geomorfologia. Pitagora Ed., Bologna, 1992.

3) BARTOLINI C.- I fattori geologici delle forme del rilievo. Pitagora Ed., Bologna,1992.

4) Manuali ISPRA

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