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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to: recognize a micro-language text and place it appropriately within the specialist sector it belongs to; analyze the text and identify linguistic elements typical of specialized languages; and use the knowledge acquired to independently elaborate a specialized text.

Course Structure

The course is made up of four modules: 1. Epistemological and Theoretical Questions; 2. Corpus linguistics and French for specific purpose; 3. Textual analysis; 4. An introduction to the specialist translation

Detailed Course Content

The course, in a first part, aims to provide a general overview of French for specific purposes starting from epistemological and theoretical questions in a diachronic perspective, and then it proceeds with a study of linguistic aspects of vocabulary, morphology, syntax, and textual variation. Secondly, it addresses notions of corpus linguistics as a discipline capable of providing methodologies and tools useful for a systematic study of Languages for specific purposes. Finally, some texts belonging to various sectors will be analyzed, such as the français juridique, the français des affaires, the français de la diplomatie et des relations internationales, the français du tourisme and the français des sciences et techniques, and some elements of specialist translation will be introduced.

Textbook Information

For a coherent progression of the topics, it is recommended to study the manuals and essays in the order in which they are presented in the bibliography.


Langues spécialisées entre épistémologie et linguistique

Les langues spécialisées et la linguistique de corpus

Analyse des textes spécialisés

Préparation à la traduction spécialisée

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