L-FIL-LET/02 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

By providing methodological coordinates for studying primary and secondary sources and for interpretation and analysis of textual and iconographic sources, the class prepares the student to deal the reading of texts of ancient theatre.

Course Structure

The course is divided into:

– a general part, relating to the sources (archaeological, literary, iconographic) on the Greek and Roman theatre, and on the theoretical and aesthetic principles of the theatrical genre

– a specific part on dramaturgy and the staging of the theatrical text, which takes its cue from the dramaturgical analysis of a tragic work

The course will be carried out with lectures and in-depth seminars.

Detailed Course Content

1st part (general section) Module A

- From Myth to Drama: the origins of tragedy and comedy

- Theatrical texts and iconography (V / IV century BC)

- Aristotle's theories on the tragedy

- Friedrich Nietzsche, Ulrich von Wilamowitz, Erwin Rohde, The polemic about the Birth of Tragedy

2nd part – monographic section Module B

- Bacchae by Euripides: a dramaturgical analysis

Textbook Information

A Methodology (4 CFU)


– Aristoteles, Poetica, with original text and translation; recommended edition: Aristotele, Poetica, edited by D. Lanza, BUR, Milano 1987, pp. 115-223.



– G. Mastromarco, P. Totaro, Storia del teatro greco, Le Monnier Università/Mondadori Education, Milano 2008, pp. 1-294.


­ Giulia Bordignon (ed. by), Scene dal mito, Guaraldi, Rimini, 2015, pp.77-144 (methodological essays); pp. 163-228 (case studies: allegories; Niobe; Laocoön) or, alternatively, pp. 229-312 (case studies: Philoctetes, Medea).

– Nietzsche, Rohde, Wilamowitz, Wagner, La polemica sull’arte tragica, a cura di F. Serpa, Sansoni, Milano 1972 (pp. 191-319 – available in pdf, referred to Friedrich Nietzsche, La nascita della tragedia. recommended edition: F. Nietzsche, La nascita della tragedia, Adelphi, Milano 1977).


B Dramaturgical analysis of Prometheus by Aeschylus (2 CFU)


– Euripide, Baccanti, (text and translation), ed. by G. Ieranò, Mondadori, Milano 2019, pp. 1-208 (=104 pp.: even pages only = Greek text).



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