SPS/13 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

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Final examination:

Detailed Course Content

A Brief History of Economic Development and introduction to Sustainable Development

A Brief History of Development Aid

Migration and Economic Development

Migrants’ Integration Issues, Co-development (how to promote migrants' role in the development of their countries of origin)

Circular and Return Migration: an Introduction

Co-development: case studies

Circular migration: OECD National experiences in promoting circular, return migration, seasonal/temporary migration schemes

Summing up: Issues on Migration at Country level

Environmental migration : Causes of environmental migration, institutional and legal issues

Social remittances

Readmissions Agreements (voluntary return, forced return , development aid packages to promote return)

Trafficking and smuggling of people

Environmental and Economic Migration and the Theories of International relations: Realism, Liberal Institutionalism and Constructivism.

  1. The Migration Compact and The Refugee Compact
  2. Interpretation of the Compacts according to the Realists Theory of International Relations
  3. Interpretation according to the Institutional Theory
  4. Interpretation according to the Constructivist Theory

International Action on Migration:

Actors in Migration:

  1. IOM
  2. UNHCR
  3. UNODC
  4. IFAD
  5. WB
  6. Medecins Sans frontiers
  7. Oxfam
  8. Other International non Governmental Organizations
  9. FAO
  10. Other

How to get a job in Humanitarian aid?

Career development Work in a UN Organization:

Agreements between UN and corporations, INGO, NGOs, will be provided for students’ analysis

Career development

Final papers on Migration and Development (6-10 pages) will be presented by students

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Mandatory, to be distributed

Additional readings, Not mandatory, but useful for deeper understanding

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