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Course Structure

Lectures, workshops, and foreign language tutorials

Detailed Course Content

The module is divided into four sub-modules:

Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) (prof. Iain Halliday): This sub-module offers an introduction to CDA for a critical reading and interpretation of various authentic texts

News Discourse (prof. Marco Venuti): This sub-module focuses on news discourse and specifically on journalism practices.

The Language of Politics (prof. Marco Venuti): This sub-module focuses on Political discourse and specifically on the analysis of the language of persuasion.

The Language of Social Media (prof. Marco Venuti): This sub-module focuses on the language of social media from a variety of perspectives.

Textbook Information

Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA)

Machin, David and Mayr, Andrea 2012, How to Do Critical Discourse Analysis A Multimodal Introduction, London, SAGE Publications Ltd, pp. 236.

News Discourse

Bednarek, Monika and Caple, Helen 2012 News Discourse, Bloomsbury Publishing, cap. 1, 2 e 4 (pp. 1-38 e 84-110).

Bednarek, Monika and Caple, Helen 2017 The Discourse of News Values. How News organisations Create Newsworthiness, Oxford University Press, cap. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 e 7 (pp. 1-133 e 171-194).

The Language of Politics

Partington, Alan and Taylor, Charlotte 2018 The Language of Persuasion in Politics. An Introduction, London, Routledge, cap. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (pp. 1-184).

The Language of social media

Page, Ruth, Barton, David, Unger, Johann W., Zappavigna, Michele 2014 Researching Language and Social Media. A Student Guide, London Routledge, pp. 201.

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