L-ANT/07 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Painted vases give the fullest visual account of life and mythology in ancient Greece, and provide important archaeological data for refining and adding to knowledge of various aspects of ancient Greek culture. In addition to iconography, the course will look at the techniques, styles and of Greek vases, from the eighth to the fourth century B.C.

Course Structure

Frontal lessons in the classroom, alternated with visits to the Pottery Archive of the University of Catania, during which general notions will be given, such as periodization, techniques, pottery typologies and use of the main ceramics classes. The students will also be shown photographic reproductions of Attic vases and will be shown the main "tools" to arrive at a certain dating of the vases, such as, for example, the analysis of the drapery of the figures, the evolution of the drawing of the eye throughout the 5th century BC, etc.

Detailed Course Content

Study of the main documents of Greek pottery with particular focus on the iconographic content, analyzed in relation to the historical and social context of each era; specific attention will be devoted to the study of the main techniques and styles of attic pottery.

Textbook Information

A. General aspects of the discipline and periodization of Greek Vases (4 CFU)


J. Boardman, The History of Greek Vases, Oxford 2006, pp. 11-244

I. Scheibler, Il vaso in Grecia, Longanesi, Milano 2004, pp. 18-66, 81-151.

B. Seminars on topics chosen by the teacher (2CFU)


M. Torelli, Le strategie di Kleitias, Electa, Milano 2007, pp. 9-116.

E. Giudice-G.Giudice, La ceramica attica dal Persephoneion di Locri fra mito e rito, in Studi miscellanei di ceramografia greca III, Catania 2017, Ediarch, pp. 11-48.

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