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 ArgomentiRiferimenti testi
1Course introduction. Evolution of electronic systems. General architecture of an electronic systemTextbook 2: chap. 1 Textbook: chap. 1 
2Boolean logic. Karnaugh maps.Textbook 1: chap. I.2 Textbook 3: chap. 5 
3State machine design. Mealy and Moore models. Synchronous counters. ASM representation. Input and output forming logic design. State coding.Textbook 4: chap. 5, 6, 7 
4Architecture of a processor: data path and control path. Numerical representation in digital electronic systems. Adders: full adder, mirror adder.Textbook 1: chap. II.11 Textbook 2: chap. 11 
5Manchester carry chain. Ripple carry adder, carry bypass adder, carry select adder, carry lookahead adder, Kogge&Stone adder, Brent&Kung adder. Array multiplier, carry save multiplier, Booth multiplier. Shifters.Textbook 1: chap. II.11 Textbook 2: chap. 11 
6Design flow of an electronic system: abstraction levels, design methodology and tools, custom-, semi-custom- and standard-cell-based design. Programmable logic devices: PLA, PAL, CPLD, FPGA. Platform-based design..Textbook 1: chap. II.2 Textbook 2: chap. 1, 14 Textbook4: chap. 8 
7Design metric of integrated electronic: die cost. Interconnection engineering: propagation delay model, capacitive crosstalk. Power supply noise: causes and countermeasures. Design of a bypass capacitive network.Textbook 1: chap. II.1 Textbook 2: chap. 6, 7, 13 
8Robustness of an integrated electronic system: PVT variability, corner analysis, Monte Carlo simulations.Textbook 1: chap. II.1 Textbook 2: chap. 6, 7, 13 Textbook 3: chap. 1, 4, 9 
9Printed Circuit Boards: design and technology. Package of active and passive devices. Technology of passive components: resistors, capacitors, thermistors, ferrite beads, varistors, TVS.Textbook 3: chap. 4 Textbook 5: chap. 4, 5 
10Signal and power integrity of PCBs. Propagation delay of signals on PCB. Electromagnetic compatibility principles.Textbook 3: chap. 4 Textbook 5: chap. 4, 5 
11Simulation and synthesis of digital electronic systems with VHDL. Entity, architecture, configuration, package, testbench. Delay models, concurrent statements, processes. State machine design with VHDL.Textbook 1: chap. II.3 
12Introduction to microcontrollers. TI MSP430 microcontrollers. Register-based configuration. Peripherals: I/O, UART, ADC. Interrupts.Textbook 6: chap. 1, 2, 5, 8 
13Timers and watchdog.Textbook 6: chap. 1, 2, 5, 8 
 ArgomentiRiferimenti testi
1The LTSpice simulator: time-domain simulations, frequency-domain simulations, models of real components.course notes 
2Experimental measurements on analog and mixed-signal circuitstextbook 1, course notes 
3 Cadence Virtuoso design environment: design and simulation down to the layout level of integrated circuits.course notes 
4Design of electronic systems using VHDL and the BASYS3 FPGA boardtextbook 3, course notes 
5Firmware design using the MSP-EXP430G2 development boardtextbook 2, course notes 
6Design of PCBs using Eagle CADcourse notes  

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