SECS-P/08 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

1. Knowledge and understanding: students will understand the main marketing activities involved in the process of analysis, design and communication of value to customers. Moreover, students will acquire competences in understanding factors affecting the different roles of marketing in the firm in order to proceed to the formulation of appropriate marketing strategies. Knowledge and understanding will be fostered through classroom lectures, examples, and applied activities, as well as through discussions with executives and entrepreneurs.

2. Applying knowledge and understanding: students will have the ability to analyse specific marketing problems and to develop a problem-solving skill by applying the conceptual models of marketing to the specific contexts, through the presentation of a marketing plan. The development of these competencies will be facilitated by classroom discussions of case-studies, seminar lessons, reports, individual and group assignments.

3. Making judgments: students will acquire the critical ability to judge and evaluate which marketing approaches and practices are more appropriate in different markets and firms’ contexts. Such results will be achieved mainly through the discussion of case-studies, the interaction with marketing managers during the seminar lessons, and the individual assignments.

4. Communication: students will be trained to express themselves in appropriate language and to be able to communicate with potential partners (managers, academics, experts) using a clear and appropriate language. This ability will be solicited through discussions with the lecturer and the marketing managers during tutorial discussions, presentations and a final written submission to the lecturer.

5. Lifelong learning skills: students will develop good independent learning skills that enable them to: address the main marketing decisions within the firm and the related models for the evaluation of results; undertake further individual paths of training; read and understand the specialized marketing literature. This will be solicited through the lectures and the seminar lessons and the in-depth material provided.

Course Structure

Lectures, team work and guest speakers.

Detailed Course Content

The main goal of the course is to build up appropriate competences to understand the role of marketing within the processes of analysis, design, communication and evaluation of value to customers. In particular, the course aims to provide the basic knowledge about: content and evolution of the marketing discipline; different roles of marketing in the firm; principles of marketing orientation; models and operating techniques for markets analysis aimed at supporting the identification of value; processes and methodologies for the marketing strategy definition; techniques and models for the management of marketing policies (4P) aimed at supporting the communication of value. In particular, the course focuses on three main topics, such as:

1. Market analysis

2. Strategic marketing: segmentation, targeting and positioning

3. Marketing policies (4P) and planning

Textbook Information

Mattiacci A., Pastore A. (2014). Marketing: il management orientato al mercato. Hoepli.

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