SECS-P/11 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

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Learning Objectives

The course offers specialized knowledge of the financial system, the financial markets and the management of financial intermediaries, with particular reference to the measurement and management of the specific risks of financial intermediation. The course aims to increase the degree of understanding of the dynamics affecting markets and financial intermediaries in the broader context of systemic connections. The student will acquire knowledge, including through appropriate formalization of modeling related to simple and complex financial instruments and financial risk management models. The student will increase his / her ability to understand the applicative and decision-making aspects of how to use it in business finance and banking and financial operations.

Detailed Course Content

The functions of the financial system. The financial structure of the economy. Regulatory, supervisory and control policies on the financial system. The financial regulation. The transfer of financial resources, the purpose of the subjects and the financial instruments. Financial markets. Financial intermediation processes. Banks and other financial intermediaries. The financial performance and the financial intermediaries profitability. Financial risk and credit risk: measurement and management.

Textbook Information

G. Forestieri, P. Mottura, Il sistema finanziario, 2017, Settima edizione, EGEA, Milano.

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