ING-IND/32 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course has the purpose to provide the fundamentals of modeling, principles of operation and control, main basic knowledge and future developments of electrical and electromechanical conversion systems.

Learning outcomes:

Knowledge of the design and operation of most common electromechanical actuators and of their most common control.

Course Structure

The training objectives are linked both to the acquisition of new knowledge, therefore frontal lessons as a teaching method and include the ability to apply the acquired knowledge through computer and laboratory exercises.

Detailed Course Content

Electromechanical systems. Energy balance and conservative systems: determination of electromagnetic forces and torques. General information on electrical machines: materials, losses, efficiency, thermal behavior and types of service. Transformer: Principle of operation; HF transformers. Asynchronous machine: MMF of distributed windings and equations, pole pairs, equivalent circuit, slip, electromagnetic torque; no-load and locked- rotor tests, starting, single-phase induction motors. Synchronous machine: starting cage and damper windings, equivalent circuit, load angle, synchronous and reluctance torque; interconnected synchronous generators. Special synchronous machines: permanent magnet motors, synchronous reluctance motors, stepper motors, switched reluctance motors, brushless DC motors. DC machines: commutator action, load operation, DC motors, shunt excitation generators, series excitation motors. Universal motor. Control of electromechanical systems: rectifiers, converters for DC and AC electrical machines, electrical drives. Digital modulation techniques: PWM, space vector. VSI and CSI. DC and AC motor drives. Scalar control. Current control. V by f constant drives. Stepper motors control. Switched reluctance motor control. Vector control of asynchronous, synchronous and permanent magnet machines.

Textbook Information

• Mohan: "Power Electronics", Hoeply.
• Fitzgerarld: "Electric Machinery", Mc Graw Hill.

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