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Learning Objectives

The course aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to begin to produce their own original research paper. Both the technical abilities of academic writing (esercitazioni linguistici) together with the theoretcial and methodological approaches required will be offered. At the end of the course the final exam will consist in the writing of a research paper which will subsequently be evaluated and discussed during the final oral exam.

Course Structure

The course is divided into two main parts: the first deals with writing a 'critique', that is, an evaluation of a piece of academic writing. The skills acquired will then aid in the student's own research paper writing as well as providing the essential tools for analysing an academic text.

Detailed Course Content

Writing a proposal: what to document; the writing process
How to write a literature review. Purpose of the review: linguistic tools
Selecting, justifying, and writing the methodology section
Language used in hedging
Writing a conclusion
Module 2 The language of the news, Critical Discourse Analysis

Textbook Information

Foundation course:

Monographic course: materiale sara' messo a disposizione durante il corso delle lezioni e poi reso disponibile on-line piattaforma STUDIUM

D Machin, and A. Mayr How to do Critical Discourse Analysis, Sage, London 2012.

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