M-STO/04 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: S.D.S. Lingue Ragusa
Phone: -
Office Hours: mercoledì 10.30-12.30

Learning Objectives

knowledge and understanding:

good orientation ability both temporal-space and historiographic of studied matters


applying knowledge and understanding:


Ability to distinguish among different historiographic arguments


making judgement:


Ability to elaborate independently, knowledge about the overall value of the studied matters



communication skills:


Appropriate using of disciplinary dictionary


learning skills:


Adding ability of critical interpretation in order to recognize essential sings of a process and their possible developing

Detailed Course Content

The course will analyse the XX century decolonization’s process, based on ways they have been developed from a continent to another, through different modalities as peaceful or violent. The course will retrace, in a chronological and geographic way, their movements and their progresses. In particular, the course will focus upon the matters which today represent a heritage and a still open argument.

Textbook Information

D. Kennedy, Storia della decolonizzazione, Il Mulino, 2017

M. Burleight, La genesi del mondo contemporaneo: il crollo degli imperi coloniali 1945-1965, trad. it. di F. Conte, Feltrinelli, 2014

Una lettura a scelta tra i seguenti testi : F. Fanon, I dannati della terra (1961), trad. it. C. Cignetti, Einaudi; Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Decolonizzare la mente. La politica della lingua nella letteratura africana, Jaca Book, 2015

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