IUS/05 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Knowledge and Understanding

This course allows students to learn Banking and Financial Law so they could resolve questions of law interpretation; 2. Applying knowledge and understanding: the student thinks over legal rules and correct interpretation of it, so he is able to know the economics and social function of law; 3. Making judgments: the student can assess practical cases; 4. Communication skills: the student will be able to discuss his thesis with experts; 5. Learning skills: frontal lectures and individual studying allows students to achieve good level of understanding.

Course Structure

The Banking Law gives the students a first knowledge and understanding in the field of: Financial and Banking System, Financial Authorites, Banking Corporations, Banking Market, Banking Contracts.The course aims at: - providing a first knowledge and understanding in the field of Banking Law useful in occupational context; - giving the ability to identify and solve concrete and abstract problems; - giving the ability to communicate about understanding, skills and activities, with peers, supervisors and clients; - providing the learning skills to undertake further studies with some autonomy.

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