SECS-P/01 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Knowledge and understanding: to assess the properties and limitations of simple econometric models;

Applying knowledge and understanding: to gather and eventually manipulated economic data from reliable sources; to understand and to apply the OLS method to basic economic issues;

Making judgements: to critically evaluate the results of an econometric analysis and to test a hypothesis based on both the underlying economic theory and its results;

Communication skills: to disseminate the results of the econometric analysis according to different styles/audiences.

Learning skills: to understand the potential contribution of an econometric model to the economic analysis; knowledge of the properties of the OLS model and the underlying hypotheses; to understand the appropriate theoretical references when performing an econometric estimation exercise.

Course Structure

The teaching style of this unit encourages student participation> scheduled events include: lectures, seminars and workshop activities. These are designed so that the student can practice some of the techniques that have been shown during lectures in order to promote experiential learning and to develop the knowledge and understanding skills.

Detailed Course Content

(1) What is econometrics? An introduction to its contribution to economics; (2) The OLS method: an introduction (part I); (3) Interval estimation and hypothesis testing; (4) The simple regression model (part II); (5) Practice session on simple regression model; (6) The multiple regression model: an introduction (part I); (7) The simple regression model: part II; (8) Practice session on multiple regression model; (9) Interpretation of selected estimates reported in published economic papers; (10) individual work on the design and estimate of a simple econometric model.

Textbook Information

[1] Asteriou, D., & Hall, S. G. (2015). Applied econometrics. Macmillan International Higher Education.



[2] Marcellino, M. (2013). Econometria applicata: un'introduzione. Egea.

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