AGR/01 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

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Learning Objectives

Knowledge and understanding: The course aims to make students understand the structure and dynamics of the market of food products, the development of consumer behavior, the structure of the food patterns, the production-consumption of food products, the international trade and the exchange agreements. The course will also give students an overview of knowledge and interpretation of the actions and the main instruments of economic policy enabled at European and national levels in the agri-food sector.

Applying knowledge and understanding: The student should be able to use the acquired knowledge to understand and interpret the structure and characteristics of the agri-food system with particular reference to the Italian reality.

Making judgements: The student should develop independence of opinion and ability to link theoretical arguments and their application in the analysis of concrete cases. Acquiring critical capacity can be stimulated through participation in classroom discussions.

Communication skills: The course aims to make students acquire the use of an appropriate technical and economic language, it can be a valuable tool to communicate to others the knowledge attained and that it can be an added value in entering the world of work.

Learning skills: the learning process will be gradual and consistent with disciplinary issues and objectives identified. Will be monitored by the teacher, during the conduct of the course, stimulating participation in the discussion on current issues and the deepening of topics through the analysis of cases. The teaching tools used will be lectures, seminars and classroom examples, tutorials. The verification and assessment of this capacity will be made at the conclusion of the course, through the final examination test that normally will be oral.

Detailed Course Content

Subject of the course is the study of the agrifood system , its dynamics and the European and national policies . Compared to the past , its appearance has changed due to technological and organizational changes that have affected the production , distribution and consumption of agricultural products and foodstuffs . The course aims to provide students , through a conceptual and methodological tools to understand the main issues of the discipline : the structure of the agri-food system , the ' offer and the ' increasing demand for food and agricultural products , the functioning of markets for food and agricultural products and the formation of prices in different market structures , international trade . It will also analyze the structural characteristics of the agri - food Italian system.

Textbook Information

1. De Filippis F.(a cura di )(2012) L’agroalimentare italiano nel commercio mondiale Gruppo 2013 (www

2.Cersosimo D.(2010) Consumi alimentari.Evoluzione strutturale, nuove tendenze ,risposte alla crisi G ruppo 2013 (www

3 Canali G. (2010 ) Verso una politica europea della qualità agroalimentare ( www gruppo )

4.Messori F., Ferretti F.(2010) Economia del mercato agro-alimentare , Edagricole ,Milano.

Recommended reading by the teacher during the course

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