3 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Dental materials technics and clinical applications.

Detailed Course Content

1) Dental impression materials 2) Dental chalky materials 3) Dental waxes 4) Rubber dental materials 5) Coating dental materials 6) Abrasive dental materials to finishing and polishing 7) Dental ceramics 8) Dental resins 9) Dental restorative materials 10) Dental liners and bases 11) Dental sealants 12) Dental materials in implantology 13) Dental alloys 14) Dental materials in orthodontics 15) Dental materials in periodontics

Textbook Information

G. Pappalardo, M. Caltabiano, D. Cicciù: Manuale dei Materiali Dentari; Piccin Editore, Padova.

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