M-PED/01 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

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Detailed Course Content

The contents cover the following topics:

- The main perspectives of pedagogical and didactic research on disability and educational needs Special, including specific learning disturbances.

- The pedagogical-didactic dimensions of the scattering phenomena and school abandonment

- The main theories for the evaluation of learning and the training processes.

- Educational and didactic implications of orientation.

- The strategies for the development of didactics with reference to the main collaborative forms Cooperatives in the organization of teaching activities.

- The birth of special pedagogy

- General Pedagogy and Special Education Report - From marginalization to inclusion

- The perspective of Montessori - Inclusive formative planning - The relationship between education and communication

- The tutor as a middle figure

- The meaning of tutoring in Italy and Europe

- The evolution of disability legislation in Italy

- Some international documents

- Disability: the challenge of integration

- The pioneers of the integration school

- The three reasons for the irreconcilability of inclusive education

- Care education and formal, non-formal and informal agencies

- The role of school leader and teachers / educators

- The role of social workers and the family

- Autonomy as a pedagogical problem

- The problem of pedagogic anthropology

- Integration and retrieval at school: the theoretical and applied dimension

- The role of DS in the difficult path of intercultura

- Reflections on the emotional aspects of leadership in complex organizations

- Support for people with disabilities

- The right to education and the content of school autonomy.

- Examples of social and educational operators through film analysis

- The design of families with handicaps

- A 'chorus' of professionalism for school integration

- A framework of high-level training professions. In particular, as the school leader today faces the theme of school enrollment. Some films will be seen to analyze them on the level of social inclusion and formation.

Below are some films that will be analyzed, others will be selected together with the students:

Stars on Earth (Taare Zameen Par) 2007 directed by Aamir Khan Program

My faithful companion in 2008 inspired by Brad Cohen's book and Lisa Wysocky Rainman in 1988 directed by Barry Levinson Montessori a life for children in 2007 directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli

Don Milani, Barbiana's Prize 2007 directed by Andrea Frazzi E Other films

Textbook Information

M. Pavone, Dall’esclusione all’inclusione:lo sguardo della pedagogia speciale, Mondadori Università, Milano 2010
P. Mulè, Ruolo e competenze del tutor nella relazione educativa tra docente e studente universitario non udente, Cooperativa sociale Ragazzi In Volo a.r.l. Onlus, Ragusa- Catania, 2012
P. Mulè, a cura di, Il docente promotore dell'inclusione formativa e sociale, Pensa Multimedia, Lecce-Brescia 2016

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