M-PED/01 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

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Detailed Course Content

Content will cover:

Presentation of the course and meaning of the object of pedagogical investigation: formation;

Difference between education, education and training;

Analysis of the new Bildung conceived for the full humanization of man in anthropological, social and political contexts in the direction of new horizons of democracy, yet not fully accomplished on a planetary level and a difference with classical Paideia;

Summary of the problem of the identity of pedagogy;

Education as a pedagogical category: historical analysis, problematic nodes and recent perspectives;

Education as a pedagogical category: training as a language communication, as a practice and as a historical analysis event, problematic nodes and recent perspectives;

Think about education today. Problems, Diversity and Emergency in Training;

The new frontiers of formation today; Formal, non-formal and informal training agencies;

The interpersonal approach between social and school workers Educational emergencies between school, family and society;

Meanings and models of new citizenship: one of the new frontiers;

The influence of the media and the new media in educational research;

The plan to increase the pedagogic quality required to achieve goals and goals of skills in both school and educational, educational and social agencies in the territory;

Evaluation of pedagogical quality of education;

Educational design as a central moment in every formative action The models of training in relation to norms and the epistemological debate from 1923 to present The question of democracy in pedagogical optics

The definition of a theoretical basis from which to draw up a model of design based on the conceptual and operational paradigm of quality in relation to active citizenship;

Analysis of the educational and training dimension of active citizenship: civic education in urban and peripheral contexts; Understanding the relationship between pedagogy and ecology and between models and contexts Intercultural practices in education and training processes

The interpersonal approach between social and school workers

The analysis of some educational design texts

Communication in pedagogical research

Textbook Information

Mulè P., I Processi formativi, le nuove frontiere dell’educazione e la democrazia. Questioni pedagogiche, Pensa Multimedia, Lecce 2014

De Angelis B., Progettualità educativa e qualità pedagogica. Una antologia di testi, Anicia, Roma 2011

Annino A., La cittadinanza attiva nella ricerca educativa, Ragazzi In Volo, Catania 2012

Annino A., Educazione e integrazione nella scuola del XXI secolo. Riflessioni pedagogiche, Pensa Multimedia, Lecce 2015

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