M-PED/01 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Detailed Course Content

Teaching aims to focus attention on the following topics:

-young people and work, employability and training today; - the apprenticeship which represents in Europe the prevailing contract for the entry of young people into the labor market; - the analysis of the conditions and proposals in order of the apprenticeship to promote its full development both at the legislative level and in the formative and organizational level, through the contribution of scholars of various disciplines and institutional actors; - skills certification, orientation and active work policies, innovation strategies, European and national projects for support for employability. - The roles and functions of designers of social and educational services, tutors, family and institutions in general, in relation to participatory collaborative interventions and educational and social co-responsibility for the training and employability of young people. - apprenticeship in italy with reference models and practices - alternating training in Italy and France today - the pedagogical and social dimensions of pedagogical work - new pedagogical values ​​in the work / work culture - professionalism in motion - the meaning and the modalities of 'at work' teaching, which becomes a true teaching activity; - working experience as a source of significant and significant learning; - analysis of work practices in school and extrusion - how to reflect the work experience and broaden the concept of vocational training to the personal training of the subjects involved; - vocational training in Italy; - The models of vocational training

Textbook Information

D. Dato, Professionalità in movimento. Riflessioni pedagogiche sul “buon lavoro”, Franco Angeli, Milano 2014

P. Mulè, a cura di, Formazione, apprendistato e lavoro in Sicilia. Modelli e pratiche per la promozione ecologica dello spazio sociale: città e territorio, Pensa Multimedia, Lecce 2017

Daniela Gulisano, La formazione professionale e l’apprendistato nella ricerca educativa, Cooperativa R.I.V., Ragusa-Catania 2013

Daniela Gulisano, Formazione, lavoro e sapere professionale. Modelli e pratiche di alternanza formativa fra Italia e Francia, Pensa Multimedia, Lecce-Brescia 2017

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