ICAR/12 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course aims to provide methods and tools to manage building and maintenance of architectural works. The project quality is indispensable for ensuring building quality, efficiency in construction processes and security - for workers and users - in the building and management phases.

The analysis of the governing law on safety in workplaces, particularly on temporary and mobile sites, highlights relationships between the design phase and the subsequent phases of building and management. The course shows the results of co-operation between designers and Coordinator for Safety and Health Matters at the Project Preparation Stage, both in terms of risk-reduction, and security promotion throughout the life-cycle of the building.

The analysis of issues concerning drawings and documents included in the project, in the Security and Coordination Plan, in the Safety Operational Plans, and in the Building File allows to define their contents and to highlight their relationships. The need to manage trans-disciplinary contributions in the detailed design requires a systemic approach to the building project. Such approach is transferred to the construction site, in order to outline the constraint system and the risk factors, referred to design solutions, construction site planning and business coordination.

Detailed Course Content

Legal framework (28 hours)


Technical framework (32 hours)

Textbook Information


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