ING-IND/17 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course aims to acquire key knowledge expertises about supply chain management, procurement, forecasting, service levels of industiral process, sizing and operations management design of warehouse and material handling systems.
The focused field is that of industrial systems of production of goods and services.
The course's teaching methodology includes front lessons, written exercises and coded tutorials using Microsoft Excel® software application.

Detailed Course Content

1. A general overview about the supply chain management.

2. Development of the logistics concept - productive system classification.

3. The Logistics costs and the customer service.

4. Integrated planning of the logistic system.

5. Forecasting methods.

6. Managerial implication in material management

7. Inventory management.

7. Material requirement planning.

8. Warehouse and material handling systems: technical features.

9. Warehouse and material handling systems performances: plant and technical features rewiev

10. The material handling system process design.

11. Picking (the forward reserve problem).

12. The distribution system classification and design.

Textbook Information

1.Jacobs, F. Robert. Manufacturing planning and control for supply chain management. McGraw-Hill, 2011.


2. Simchi-Levi, D., Simchi-Levi, E., & Kaminsky, P. (1999). Designing and managing the supply chain: Concepts, strategies, and cases. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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