IUS/09 - 8 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course aims to provide the students with the fundamental coordinates in the vast panorama of tourism legislation.

Starting from an introduction to the basic aspects of the Italian legal system (necessary for those students who have never dealt with the study of legal matters), we will examine the discipline of the main fields of activity of the sector: tourism companies and tourism professions. Particular attention will be paid to contracts generally stipulated in the field of tourism and to the responsibility of the operators of the sector.

Through a very practical approach to the topics (with numerous examples and the use of forms, standard contract, etc., in use), it will aim to develop the concrete application of legal rules to enable students, Touristic Operators in training, to carry out their work properly in the future.

For that reason, frequency is strongly recommended.

Detailed Course Content

I) Legal system. Sources of Italian, E.U. and International law. The Tourism Code.

II) Touristic enterprises. Accommodation. Travel agencies.

III) Touristic careers.

IV) The touristic use of the marine demanium.

V) Hospitality contracts. Booking. Responsibility of the hotel keeper.

VI) Catering, catering, banqueting contracts. Responsibility profiles of the restaurateur and the organizer.

VII) The "tour package" sales contract. Damage from "spoiled holiday".

VIII) Transport contracts. Air transport and carrier liability. Pleasure craft.

Textbook Information

- R. Santagata, Diritto del Turismo, UTET, 2015.

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