L-ANT/08 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

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The course aims

- to provide basic knowledge on the debate on the Medieval and Christian archeology and the main problems of archaeological research;

- to reflect on construction of the archaeological source and on the complexity of the processes of historical reconstruction from the use of archaeological sources in comparison with the documentary sources.

- with particular reference to Sicily, to provide knowledge of the processes of acculturation from the Byzantine age to age Swabian and some archaeological sites and historic buildings of particular importance to measure the extent of these processes.

Archeology and medieval history: the historical context; the characters of late antiquity; Christian archeology and medieval archeology: perspectives of research in Italy; the spread of Christianity: the birth of a new place of worship; the civitas christiana: urban transformations; the rural settlement: the fortification; acculturation processes in Sicily from the Byzantine period in the Swabian period: spatial dynamics and material culture

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