MAT/07 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course has the aim of furnishing the main mathematical methods of complex variables and integral transforms along with the basic knowledge of rational mechanics. These subjects constitute the mathematical background for the comprehension of the topics which will be tackled in the other courses for engineers.

Detailed Course Content

Part 1. Mathematical methods for Engineering: elements of complex variables, Laplace transform, Fourier series, Fourier transform, elements of theory of distribution.

Part 2. Rational mechanics: theory of vectors and vectorial analysis; kinematics of material points, of rigid bodies and of articulated rigid bodies; principles of dynamics; dynamics of material points, of rigid bodies and of articulated rigid bodies; elements of analytical mechanics.

Textbook Information

1) V. Romano, "Metodi Matematici per i Corsi di Ingegneria", CittaStudi, Novara

2) G. C. Barozzi Matematica per l’ingegneria dell’informazione, Zanichelli, Bologna

3) G. Frosali a E. Minguzzi, Meccanica Razionale per l'Ingegneria, Esculapio. Bologna

4) Valter Franceschini e Cacilia Vernia, Meccanica Razionale per l'ingegneira, Pitagora, Bologna.

5) A. Fasano, V. De Rienzo, A. Messina, Corso di Meccanica Razionale, Laterza, Bari.

6) F. Bampi, M. Benati, A. Morro, Problemi di Meccanica Razionale, ECIG

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