MAT/05 - 9 CFU - Annual Tuition

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Learning Objectives

Give basic skills and competences regarding Differential calculus, numerical series and Integral Calculus.

Detailed Course Content

1. REAL AND COMPLEX NUMBER SYSTEMS. Ordered sets. Fields. The Real Field. The extended Real Number System. The Complex Field.

2. CONTINUITY. Limits of funtions. Continuous Functions. Continuity and compactness, Continuity and connectedness. Convergent sequences.

3. DIFFERENTIATION. The derivative of real function. Derivatives of higher order. Taylor's Theorem.

4. RIEMANN INTEGRAL. Definition of integral. properties of integral. Integration methods.

5. NUMERICAL SERIES. Series of nonnegative terms. Absolute convergence. Leibnitz's Theorem.

Textbook Information

1.Di Fazio G., Zamboni P., Analisi Matematica 1, Monduzzi Editoriale.
2. Di Fazio G., Zamboni P., Eserciziari per l'Ingegneria, Analisi
Matematica 1, EdiSES.
3. D'Apice C., Manzo R. Verso l'esame di Matematica, vol. 1 e 2,
Maggioli editore.

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