L-OR/21 - 9 CFU - Annual Tuition

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Knowledge and understanding: equal to hsk 4


Applying knowledge and understanding:


The student will be able to read literary texts, newspapers and documents, to work with and relationate with chinese people.


Making judgement:

Very good


Communication skills:

Students in chinese is going to be ahead in dealing with any actual work where a professional vocabulary is required.


Learning skills:

It depends on the hours that the student devotes to the study.

Detailed Course Content

Introduction to the written language, reading comprehension of literary and journalistic specialized vocabularies.

Preparation materials and sample papers to achieve level 4 of the

Chinese Language Proficiency Test.

Introduction to the use of the language in a professional environment

Watch TV programs and conversation about current issues

Textbook Information

1) Materials given by the teacher.
2) MASINI et al, 2010, Il cinese per gli italiani. Vol.2, Hoepli

Open in PDF format Versione in italiano