L-FIL-LET/15 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to recognise the specific features of Germanic linguistics and culture, with particular reference to the influence of Germanic languages and cultures in Late Antique and Early Medieval Europe and its consequences.

Detailed Course Content

Germanic peoples: their origins and history in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. Germanic languages: taxonomy and historical developments. Germanic linguistics. Aspects of Germanic culture. Migrations and invasions: the case of Britain in the witness of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Germanic anthroponymy. Germanic peoples and the others: the case of Longobard Italy, France, Iberian peninsula and the Viking diaspora

Textbook Information

1) Nicoletta Francovich Onesti, Filologia germanica. Lingue e culture dei Germani antichi, Roma 2002 (e successive ristampe)

2) Passages from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle(s) with glossary, linguistic notes and translation

3) Reference grammar: Gemma Manganella, L’anglosassone e il sassone antico, Napoli 1961 (Old English only)

4) Reference dictionary: Joseph Bosworth, T. Northcote Toller, An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, Oxford, 1898-1921 (available online in various formats)

5) Maria Giovanna Arcamone, Antroponimia e toponomastica nelle lingue e nelle letterature germaniche antiche, in: Antichità germaniche II parte – II seminario avanzato in Filologia germanica, Università di Torino, 10-14 settembre 2001, a cura di V. Dolcetti Corazza e R. Gendre, Alessandria, 2002, pp. 67-86

6) Piergiuseppe Scardigli, All’origine dei longobardismi in italiano, in Sprachliche Interferenz. Festschrift Werner Betz, hrsg. von H. Kolb et al., Tübingen 1977, pp. 335-354

7) Nicoletta Francovich Onesti, Vestigia longobarde in Italia (568-774). Lessico e antroponimia, Roma 1999 (selected pages).

8) Supplementary materials

9) Only for students regularly attending classes: runic inscription of the Gallehus horn; Iordanes, Getica, chap. XIV; Einhard, Vita Karoli Magni, chapp. 18 and 19; Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, year 855 (Æþelwulf's genealogy)

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