L-FIL-LET/09 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The course aims to provide, with a comparative approach, an overall view of the formation of Romance languages and literatures, paying particular attention to the Italian and French ones.

The study of medieval French literature will serve to outline its influence on Italian literature of the early centuries, and to highlight the need for a ‘European’ approach to the study of medieval texts.

Detailed Course Content

The course is traditionally divided into two sections: the first covers the linguistic approach; the second concentrates on medieval literature and philology.


Linguistic section.

A (4 CFU):

introduction to the discipline; history of Romance philology; classification of the Romance languages; the most important syntactic, morphological, phonetic and lexical phenomena in the evolution from Latin to Romance languages; Early Romance texts; basic elements of Old French grammar, functional for reading the texts.


Philological and literary section.

B (2 CFU):

basic notions on editing Romance medieval texts.


C (3 CFU):

history of medieval French literature, with special regard to texts which have influenced the Italian literature of XIII and XIV centuries.


N.B. The students of the Degree Course in Cultural Heritage (6 ECTS) will study the forms A and B.

Textbook Information

A The growth of Romance languages: basics (4 CFU).

1) L. Renzi - A. Andreose, Manuale di linguistica e filologia romanza, Il Mulino, Bologna, 2009. Introduzione (pp. 17-30); Il dominio romanzo (pp. 33-70); Il paradigma storico (pp. 87-109); Il paradigma moderno (pp. 111-129); Il cambiamento nella linguistica contemporanea (pp. 147-168); Il latino (pp. 169-210); I caratteri delle lingue romanze (pp. 211-232); I primi testi romanzi (pp. 235-268); L’edizione dei testi (pp. 269-294).

B Introduction to Textual criticism (2 CFU).

1) A. Varvaro, Prima lezione di filologia, Laterza, Roma 2012, pp. 135.

2) Teaching material (about 50).


C Introduction to Medieval French literature (3 CFU).

1) F. Brugnolo - R. Capelli, Profilo delle letterature romanze medievali, Carocci, Roma, 2011, pp. 11-205; 375-444.

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