FIS/01 - 8 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Detailed Course Content

Physics will be presented to the students not as a collection of abstract formulas and ideas, as it is often perceived by students like those that are graduating in "Architecture", but as a tool for understanding the world around us and as a cultural basis for mastering and properly use modern advanced technologies now in daily use.

Textbook Information

Any book is accepted, provided is university level one. The concepts developped in this course are indeed indipendent from the Author views or research as we are dealing with well established classical physics subjects.

Anyway, the course will more closely follow these textbooks:

Fisica, Alonso-Finn, English and Spanish edition available at Addison-Wesley

Physics2000, HR Huggins, Moose Mountain Digital Press, available at

Fisica, P. Mazzoldi, M. Nigro, C. Voci, SES (italian)

Problemi di Fisica Generale, Rosati- Casali, CEA (Italian)

Open in PDF format Versione in italiano