M-FIL/03 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

To offer a wide and detailed knowledge of what “communication ethics” means, with reference to the main analyses in the moral field, as it is applied to specific communication areas, such as journalism, advertising, the internet. Particularly, to analyse the history and models of advertising, its language and its development in the moral field. Finally, to offer a specific study on the relationship between cinema and ethics, looking at spectatorship and moral issues represented by films.

Detailed Course Content

Critical analysis: the world as representation; atomization and liquefaction of experiences; adultization of youth. The ethics of communication at the state of art: truth and freedom, aesthetic manner, professional deontology, ethics and netiquette, authorities and access to information. The ethics of advertising: history, models, development, moral issues. The ethics of cinema: models, samples, moral topics.

Textbook Information

F. Bellino, Per un’etica della comunicazione, Bruno Mondadori 2010, pp. 216.

V. Neri, Etica della comunicazione pubblicitaria, La Scuola 2014, pp. 160.

D.E. Viganò, Etica del cinema, La Scuola 2013, pp. 220.

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