MED/43 - 7 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

Knowledge and understanding

Students must be able to know and understand the main forensic issues in the field of assessment of Causal relationship, the damage to the person, crime scene investigation, detection of personal identity. They need to know and understand, also, the rules of social protection and public and private insurance.

Ability to apply knowledge and understanding

Students must be able to apply the acquired knowledge to the solution of practical problems of law, with particular reference to the assessment of the damage to the person in both criminal and civil matters, conducting crime scene investigation, the methods of assessment of personal identity and relations of filiation and social protection.

Detailed Course Content

History: Definition, content, current addresses and tasks of forensic medicine.

Causal relationship: cause, contributing cause, occasion. Causal Criteriology.

Thanatology: Death and cadaverous phenomena; time of death, forensic examination of the body, sudden death, determination of brain death, donation and transplantation of organs.

Forensic pathology: overview of the anatomy of the structure of tissues and organs; traumatic injury with particular reference to the differential diagnosis between vital lesions and post-mortal lesions; injuries from blunt instruments; hand weapon’s injuries, firearm wounds; burn injuries; crush injuries.

General information on the various forms of asphyxial deaths.

Personal identification for forensic applications: overview; fingerprints; investigation of traces of biological material, DNA profiling.

Medico-legal problems of the filiation relationship.

Forensic evidence at crime scene investigation.

Forensic toxicology: Definition of poison; legal concept of poisoning, toxicological examination.

The medico-legal activities in criminal proceedings.

Mental infirmity, imputability, social dangerousness, circumvention of an incapable.

Crime of beatings and injuries.

The forensic examination in sexual abuse.

The coroner activities in the civil trial.

Medico-legal assessment of the damage in person: The damage to the person under criminal and civil law.

Physician's professional responsibility: legal and moral duties of the physician, the offense of wrongful death and the legal obligation to provide medical care, medical diagnosis, and professional secrecy, informed consent, medical records and certification.

Forensic Insurance: Insurance managed by INAIL; occupational accidents and diseases; insurance managed by INPS. The dependence due to service. Technical advice regarding medical-legal insurance with particular reference to the assessment criteria in accidents of labor, private accident and disability insurance.

Textbook Information

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