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Definition of cell , sheet and file; the anchorages; use of special keys; the handle; References absolute and relative; formatting of the spreadsheet (date, currency, number, general, ec. ); Edit a worksheet ( copy only the format of a cell); Area of input and output; the bar of the formulas; Formulas (Sum, Average, Max, Min, Percentage etc. ); the graphs (histograms, pie, etc. ); Change of a graph and use Excel as Data Base; definition of Field and Record; sorting data; Function " =IF"; function " =Conta.Se "; filters; the passage of formulas and data from other spreadsheets; the passage of formulas and data from other ; Formulas; Statistical function File; Macro; security statistics.


Introduction to Database; Main elements of Database Access; Opening an existing database; Database window; Building an empty Database; Creating tables; Creating a table viewing a data spreadsheet; Creating a table viewing the frame structure Saving tables; Masks; Creating masks; Adding new records with a mask; How to change data in a mask; How to delete records; Organizing records; Filtering records; Data sheets; How to set up the columns width; Operations in Data sheets; How to select fields and records; Different options of viewing columns; Queries; Building a query; Simple Queries Autocompletion; Viewing; Make a query; Reports; Finding information; Printing masks, reports, and Data sheets; Relationships.
Advanced Access:
Planning tables; How to create and edit a lookup in a field or column; Creating and editing a validation rule in a field or column, applying, editing standard values, how to input a field or column in the required fields; relationships/join applying and using referential integrity; applying the automatic deletion of correlated records; building queries; types of queries; formulas in queries; refining a query; Planning a mask: Options, submasks
Planning a report: Calculations, presentations Macro: recordings and associations Importing, exporting and Data linking: data management Database for Obstetrician; building a clinical report and data analysis

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