SECS-P/08 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

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Learning Objectives

Educational Objectives

  1. Knowledge and Understanding. This course introduces you to the disciplines of economics and business management. Outlining the general framework, the course focuses on business management issues by proposing the top ideas of modern management thinking. In addition it is aimed at the acquisition of strategic analysis models to understand and support the paths to enterprise development and to analyze their competitive advantage.
  2. Applying Knowledge and Understanding. The acquired knowledge will be applied to analyze strategic business decisions. In order to develop these skills the teacher gives in-class lectures in an interactive way with the use of multimedia courseware. The student is required to complete term papers and reports in preparation for assessments related to strategic analysis of case studies.
  3. Decision-making. The student will be able to make business decisions supported by the application of the strategic analysis model. Students will achieve this through lessons in the classroom and term paper preparation; students will be constantly required to evaluate strategic decisions based information related to the context in which they operate and their available resources. In this way the student will be trained to search for information, then evaluate and select what is most useful to achieve their goal based on the implications of the choices they made.
  4. Communication skills. The student should be able to illustrate concepts and models while drawing conclusions with a command of language and a logical thought structure by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the models and methods of analysis. Both written and oral communication skills will be developed through term papers and short reports on testimony in the classroom. In addition there will be in class group presentations ion specific topics in order to cultivate teamwork and allow everyone to equally develop public speaking skills.
  5. Learning skills. Learning skills and teaching are linked, following a gradual path including several steps. At first the course will focus on the definition of concepts through the use of bibliographic research. In the second step we will analyze theoretical models which will be applied to business cases from the “specialist press”. Finally, the ability to apply studied concepts and interpreted models will be aimed at analyzing businesses created in the classroom. Both individual and group work will receive personal feedback from the professor to continue to facilitate the learning process.

Detailed Course Content

Textbook Information

The choice of either alternative is at the discretion of the student who must make an independent decision for thorough, personalized exam preparation

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