MED/07 - 2 CFU - 1° Semester

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Detailed Course Content

  1. Introduction to medical microbiology: microorganism-host relationships.
  2. The organization of the bacterial cell: structure and function of the cellular components
  3. Mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis: role of bacteria in disease
  4. The antimicrobial chemotherapy: the main characteristic of principal groups of antibiotics and the antibiotic resistance
  5. Characteristics of virus and their replication
  6. Mechanisms of viral pathogenesis
  7. Types of viral infection: acute and persistent infection
  8. The antiviral chemotherapy
  9. Characteristics of fungi and their metabolism
  10. Mechanisms of fungal pathogenesis
  11. Antimicrobial vaccines
  12. General principles of laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases
  13. General principles of sterilization, disinfection, and antisepsis
  14. The main human pathogen microorganisms and hospital-acquired infection

Textbook Information

Harvey R. H., Champe P.C., Fisher B. D., Le basi della Microbiologia, con approfondimenti clinici - Ed. Zanichelli

All students can use didactic material downloadable from the Studium page Unict

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