ING-IND/08 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

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Basic Energy Concepts. Energy Conversion. Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Conversion Devices. Energy Transfer and Conversion Methods. Renewable Energy Sources. Solar Energy: Solar heating, solar power plants, high concentration photovoltaic, thermodynamic solar tracking, solar cooling systems. Biomass Energy: Direct conversion (combustion of biomass). Indirect conversion (chemical conversion to biofuel). Hydro Energy; Geothermal Energy: Power plants, direct use. Ocean Energy: Tidal Power and Wave Energy. Wind Energy: Wind farm and small wind turbines.


POWER PLANTS AND CYCLES - General data on engine systems - Fossil and nuclear fuel- hydraulic and thermal systems. Cycles, efficiency and cost of energy.

- Fluid motion in ducts with energy exchange - Mechanical and thermal energy equations, applications. Analytical processes and graphical study of compression and expansion. Works and performance. Conditions of stagnation.

- Fixed and mobile ducts - Hugoniot's equations. State of pressure and capacity in the nozzles. References to diffusers. Euleriane power expressions. Energetic balance of a stage. Fluid machines blades.

- Positive displacement: reciprocating and rotative pumps and compressors, positive displacement machines. Centrifugal and axial flow pumps and compressors. Internal and external characteristics of the machine. Adjustment and operation limits.

- Steam and gas turbomachinery engine - reaction and action stages. Speed triangles, efficiency. Curtis stage. Flow rate disposal. Characteristic curves.

- Hydraulic turbines: Pelton, Francis, Kaplan. Characteristic speed. Cavitation process. Recovery of the kinetic energy during the outlet phase.

- Gas turbine - Open and closed circuit systems. Real and maximum efficiency. Various outlines of system. Materials for high temperatures. References to adjustment.

- Steam engines systems - Rankine and Hirn cycles. Condensation and counter pressure systems. Thermal resuperheating and regeneration: efficiency. Examples of systems and elements. Cogenerative systems. Combined gas and steam systems.

- Volumetric reciprocating compressors: Maximum operation of a simple-effect reciprocating compressor. Real operation of a simple-effect reciprocating compressor. Multistage reciprocating compressors. Approximate dimensioning. Adjustment of the range.

- Internal combustion engines – Reference-cycles. Diagram of the distribution. Power expressions. Indicated cycle, average pressure. Spark-ignition engines: regular combustion and detonation. Polluting emissions. Compression-ignition engines: combustion, power limits. References to the supercharging.

Textbook Information

1. C.CAPUTO:"Gli impianti motori termici" - ESA

2. O.ACTON - C.CAPUTO: “Introduzione allo studio delle macchine” - UTET

3. C.CAPUTO: “Le Turbomacchine” – Vol. II. MASSON

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5. L. CATALANO – M. NAPOLITANO: “Elementi di macchine operatrici a fluido” – PITAGORA EDITRICE

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7. C. D’AMELIO – “Elementi di macchine. Le turbine idrauliche” – Fridericiana Editrice Universitaria

8. O.ACTON: "Turbomacchine" - UTET

9. A.BECCARI-C.CAPUTO:"Motori termici volumetrici" – UTET

10. D. GIACOSA: “Motori endotermici” - HOEPLI

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