M-PED/03 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Course Structure

The lessons will be carried out through a frontal methodology but examples, readings to be analyzed and exercises from which to start to address the issues will be proposed. Lessons will be held in person, unless otherwise provided by the University and the Department for Distance Learning.

There will be an ongoing check on a date agreed with the students who follow the text of the tutoring. The test consists of group work on the topics covered in the text that are presented orally by the groups in different ways: reports, p.p. presentations and conceptual maps.

The final verification is oral.

Detailed Course Content

Presentation of the course and meaning of the subject of investigation of the pedagogy of communication: training and communication;

The fundamentals of teaching The interpersonal relationship between teacher and learner

The fundamentals of communication pedagogy;

Effective listening and educational criteria and practices;

Listening as a receptive moment of communication, but also the basis of every process of relationship and interaction;

The educational and social relationship;

The pedagogical action and orientation of young and old in an existential and life project;

The communicative-relational dynamics, with particular reference to non-violent communication and the skills necessary for the educator to develop the art of empathetic and active mutual listening and creative management of conflicts;

Education for peace;

Integrated management of communication processes within the group;

The appropriate and early ways of detecting conflicts, especially those induced by a weak interaction between the various person-subjects and the system;

Conflict as a synthesis to build new social relationships;

The education of the citizen.

Post-modern communication and training

Textbook Information

C. Laneve, Manuale di didattica. Il sapere sull'insegnamento, Scholè, 2019

P. Mulè, a cura di, Pedagogia recupero e integrazione tra teorie e prassi, Armando 2013

D. Novara, La grammatica dei conflitti, Casale, Sonda 2011

P. Mulè, Ruolo e competenze del tutor nella relazione educativa tra docente e studente, Cooperativa Sociale Ragazzi In Volo, Ragusa-Catania 2012

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