M-FIL/03 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

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Learning Objectives

A) Wide and deep exploration and analysis of what “communication ethics” is;

B) Exploration and analysis of the most recent and innovative key elements of ethics of digital communication;

C) Analysis of the role that the web and new media play in the construction and narration of the self and in the dynamics of definition of identity; D) Exploration and analysis of the key elements of advertising ethics.

Course Structure

Frontal lectures and analysis of audio-video-photographic material and cases study.

Detailed Course Content

A) Levels of ethical analysis, deontology, the role images play in the contemporary society, ethical paradigms of reciprocity, the effects of overexposure to media, the recovery of a balanced communication, ontology of words and silence;

B) Ethics of digital communication, stemming from digital devices (from computer ethics to smartphone ethics and robot ethics) and digital environments (from ethics of the Internet to the ethics of social networks, from ethics in virtual environments to the ethics of the IoT – the Internet of Things);

C) A diagnosis of the pathologies of communication: communication in the digital society, between rhetoric and persuasion, information fluxes and networks, in the light of Adorno’s and Habermas’s Critical Theory and of the concepts of mediation and distancing, in relation with the construction of the self and identity;

D) Advertising ethics: from commercial to advocacy communication, from the communication strategies in advertising to past and current national and international policies and laws.

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