M-PED/01 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

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Learning Objectives

The "philosophy of education" investigates, analytically and critically, the founding and formal aspects of pedagogy: the speech, the type of penalty, the choice of values that accompanies it. The course highlights the one hand the evolution in contemporary culture, on the other hand the problem joint.

Course Structure

Frontal lessons and seminary.

Detailed Course Content

The education and the philosophy of education: areas and functions; models in progress; issues and current problems. Particular attention will revolt at the critical rationalism study of Antonio Banfi.

Textbook Information

F. Cambi, Manuale di filosofia dell’educazione, Laterza , Bari 2005 (238 pp.)

G. Trebisacce, La pedagogia tra razionalismo critico e marxismo, Anicia, Roma 2008 (144 pp.)

J. Dewey, Democrazia e educazione,Una introduzione alla filosofia dell’educazione, Nuova edizione Anicia, Roma 2018 (500 pp.)


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