Letteratura francese comparata / Littérature française générale et comparée

L-LIN/03 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

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Learning Objectives

Students must acquire the critical competences for an analytical and comparative approach on the literary currents and realia.

Students must be able to create hypertext and cultural links among writers, literary and artistic genres of the modern French and Francophone world.

Course Structure



Detailed Course Content

Presentation and analysis of different types of literary and artistic genres on diachronic and synchronic levels. Identification of the evident and hidden dynamics on the construction of the text through a variety of different methods. (Especially aesthetic and artistic).

Textbook Information

A 3 ECTS Arts and writing in the Nineteenth century

In–depth analysis of the historical, cultural and artistic-literary movements of the XIX and XX and the extrême contemporain in a comparative perspective.


Philippe Hamon, Imageries,Littératures et Images au XIX siècle, Paris, Corti, 2007(Ch.2,3,4,9/pp. 80)

Théophile Gautier en Italie, (sous la direction de Giovanna Bellati), Roma Aracne, 2001 ; (pp.180)

Maria Teresa Puleio, Théophile Gautier, Spirite, (edizione critica, Catania, Cuecm, 1993 ; (pp.75)

Maria Teresa Puleio, Le bal masqué, saggio sulla narrativa di Théophile Gautier, Catania, Cuecm, 1987 ; (pp.11-125)

(Dossier with a selection of texts and documents)


We recommend: H. Mitterand , Littérature. Textes et Documents, Paris, Nathan; Lagarde et Michard, Les grands auteurs français, Paris, Bordas; Brunel-Bellenger, Histoire de la littérature française, Paris, Bordas.


B 3 ECTS Architecture & Text

Edmond de Goncourt, La Maison d’un artiste, any edition (the digital edition is available at www.gallica.fr)( Ch.1-2-3, 150)

Paul Bourget, La seconde mort de Broggi-Mezzastris, any edition, (the digital edition is available at www.gallica.fr) ( pp.100)

Dominique Pety, Les Goncourt et la collection, Genève, Droz, 2003( Ch. 1-2, pp.200)

Both the course activities and the syllabus will be in French language. They consider the different educational purposes of the post-graduate courses in Comparative Languages and Literatures and in Modern Philology

All the books listed in the programs can be consulted in the Library and the dossier will be published on Studium.

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