AGR/04 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Di3A - Via Valdisavoia 5 - 95123 CATANIA
Phone: 095-4783306
Office Hours: Lunedì e venerdì dalle 11:00 alle 13:00; è possibile, previo appuntamento, utilizzare la piattaforma MicrosoftOffice Teams (codice “cyw02u0”).

Learning Objectives

To acquire an in-depth knowledge of the cultivation of the most representative species of Italian vegetable and flower crops. Teaching aims to provide the students with the necessary skills for organizing and managing the production process and for obtaining appropriate results in terms of yield, product quality and environmental implications.

Course Structure

The course takes place through classroom lectures, with the aid of a vidoeprojector, analysis of case studies, seminars and technical visits to significant farms in the area. If teaching is given in a mixed formula or remotely, necessary changes may be introduced to what was previously stated in order to comply with the provided and reported syllabus. Learning assessment may also be carried out on line, should the conditions require it.

As a guarantee of equal opportunities and in compliance with current laws, interested students can ask for a personal interview in order to plan any compensatory and/or dispensatory measures, based on their specific needs and on teaching objectives of the discipline.

It is also possible to ask the departmental contacts of CInAP (Center for Active and Participatory Integration - Services for Disabilities and/or DSAs), in the persons of professors Giovanna Tropea Garzia and Anna De Angelis.

Detailed Course Content

Knowledge of crops with particular reference to biology, the requirements of the different cultivar groups.

Critical analysis of the most significant aspects of the cultivation process for the principal species in terms of botanical families, morpho-biometric characteristics, type of products, the most appropriate technical practices.

In detail the crops analyzed, like case study, are: Fam. Alliaceae: onion; Fam. Apiaceae: carrot; Fam. Asteraceae: lettuce; Fam. Brassicaceae: cauliflower; Fam. Cucurbitaceae: watermelon; Fam. Fabaceae: haricot; Cut flower: chrysanthemum and bulbous plants; Flowering pot plants: bedding plants; Foliage plants.

Textbook Information

Note and schemes of the lessons provided by the teacher.

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