BIO/02 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: mpuglisi@unict.it
Office: Via A. Longo 19
Phone: 095-431243
Office Hours: Lunedì-Mercoledì ore 10-12

Learning Objectives

Provide evidence to know and understand the diversity of bryophytes through the study of their morphology, cytology and and reproductive mechanisms. Understanding the ecological and phytosociological role of these organisms in the ecosystems. Acquire capacity for identification of the species through the use of dichotomous keys and fresh preparations. Knowledge of the use of the bryophytes in the environmental assessment and environmental biomonitoring.

Course Structure

Lectures and laboratory practice. Should teaching be carried out in mixed mode or remotely, it may be necessary to introduce changes with respect to previous statements, in line with the programme planned and outlined in the syllabus.

Detailed Course Content

Taxonomy and systematics of Bryophyta (mosses), Marchantiophyta (liverworts) and Anthocerotophyta (hornworts). Identification of bryophyte species and use of dichotomous keys; slide preparation of fresh specimen. Ecology, Phytogeography and Phytosociology. Biological and ecological indices and their application in environmental field. The bryophyte safeguard: the IUCN categories and red-list. Bryophytes as biomonitors of terrestrial ecosystems and their use in environmental monitoring. The bryophytes as organisms responsible for deterioration of historic monuments.

Textbook Information

Aleffi M. (a cura di) - Biologia ed Ecologia delle briofite. Antonio Delfino Editore.

Material provided by the teacher.

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